Colombian gemstones are renowned as the finest emeralds the world has to offer and whether you're a jeweler, jewelry designer, goldsmith, or an individal wanting something that truly is one of a kind, your interest in colored gem stones demonstrates your understanding of value. For that special occasion or someone, work with us in obtaining natural Colombian emeralds and enjoy the thrill of selecting a quality gem that will always make a statement.

From spectacular single stones to our unique expertise in acquiring matched stones (known as "gemsets") each are expertly picked for a natural balance in size, color, tone, and brilliance. There's just no better way to create that "ooh-aah" effect for earrings, necklace, ring, or combination.

If you enjoy good Colombian coffee, sit with a cup and spend a few minutes browsing our inventory to see how and why we offer the best value for your precious stone dollar. We encourage you to compare our offerings with other vendors.

In a crowded marketplace, our reputation for quality comes from offering unparalleled value and personalized service to the buyer of genuine Colombian gemstones.

Now, for the fine print...

Moneybub is based in the United States, but does not maintain a physical retail presence. We are not a jeweler. We import stones and a selection is offered via this website. We have been in business since 1994 (under the corporate name SCSL, Inc. until 2010 when we sold our interest in that venture) providing gem stones to local jewelers and private individuals by referred appointment. Our buying agent travels to Colombia and obtains our inventory from a group of emerald dealers and jewelers who have been in the emerald trade for nearly 100 years. We do not purchase "off the street" or stones without legal provenance.

Jewelers; Jewelry Fabricators and Designers, Goldsmiths, and other businesses involved in the gemstone and jewelry trade are invited to contact us from their business email address here or on letterhead via the U.S. Postal Service. Pricing for trade partners is not indicated on this website. Inventory varies with the market and substitutes for some items may not be available. Very high dollar gems (> $25,000) are sold only to those individuals with which we have established either banking or trade references. If you are interested in such items, please contact us here.

Every reasonable effort is made to ensure the integrity of information presented by this website, however; unintentional errors or the defacement of website pricing are subject to disclaimer and erroneous prices will not be honored. Information provided by a purchaser with respect to a sale is maintained in digital storage not connected to the Internet.

Appointments for non-business purchases (private individuals) have a referral process (see here) and all interested persons are encouraged to contact us to learn how an appointment may be set-up. (Currently available only to persons residing within the United States.)

All email inquiries received before 5pm will receive a same day response, except on holidays and some weekends.